2 Bands, 3 Awards and Countless Short Films

Leizig Zeitgeist Blog :: 5. November 2010

These are the facts for an upcoming short film festival which bears the catchy name ‘Night of the Radical Short Film’. The organizer, CineArt e.V., is an association founded by members of Leipzig’s independent film group, Cinema Abstruso.

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, a couple of innovations have made a two-day-festival out of what used to be a single evening. This year’s highlight is an open competition.

With its international orientation, CineArt e.V. sent out the call for short films of between 30 seconds and 30 minutes to be submitted. Various genres – from documentaries, fiction, to animated and experimental films –  were welcome. What all of them ought to have in common, however, is a radical nature.  Karl Friedrich König explains: “Radical originates from the Latin word radix, meaning root. So anything radical is considered to affect you fundamentally. All of our films will get to you. They may touch you via a story that addresses socially or politically relevant issues, or transcend visual or technical standards of film making. We show films that break new ground – in whatever way. Usually these kinds of films cannot be seen anywhere else. That’s why we consider ourselves to be real supporters of independent film-making.” Andreas Jeschke concludes: “The films are also radical in the sense of being mainly produced by the man on the street, non-experts and self taught film-makers”.

So, let’s have a closer look at the festival’s schedule. Starting on Friday, 3 December, Patrick Teichert accompanies the screening of the competing movies. After that, the winning film will be awarded with the Golden Lense, a trophy especially designed by goldsmith Ariann Ruhle. To round off the first evening a live band will hopefully get everyone shaking their thing on the dance floor. If you don’t feel like dancing though,  why not start a debate at the round table?This is a wonderful opportunity to get in touch and talk shop with other film-makers, media experts and the organizers.

The second evening will kick off with a panel discussion. The five panel members – a film-maker, producer, media expert, video shop employee, and the agent of an arthouse cinema – will talk about different aspects of the production of independent films. All of them are very active in the film scene in the western Leipzig area and the composition of the group promises an interesting debate. This will be followed by a two hour open screening. Filmmakers are welcome to bring along their films without prior notification. The only requirements are that the films have to have something to do with western Leipzig and should not exceed 20 minutes. This adventurous concept received such a positive response last year that the organizers have put it on the agenda again. Sometime during the second evening two more films will be honoured with the Sommerfilmpreis and an audience award. Lastly, another band will play some joyous tunes and everybody is invited to celebrate into the wee hours of the morning.

Where: Lindenfels Westflügel, Hähnelstraße 27, 04177 Leipzig

When: 3.12. & 4.12. at 8.30pm.

How much: 5€/4€ for a day ticket


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